The Game

November 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Tweet, Tweet! The opening whistle has blown and The Philadelphia Union and FC Dallas were ready for some afternoon soccer. Next thing you new bam, ohhhhh, a shot had it the post then went out of balance for a FC Dallas goal kick.
Two seconds later dad was yelling, “Help grab one of these.” It turns out my Dad was back with our Crab fries from Chickies and Pete’s. A minute later I notice my container of fries are gone. That tasted like heaven on earth. Then I go for a taste of my soda, and that’s gone too. The next thing I know I had to go the bathroom really badly, but I turned my attention back to the game. Just as I turn bam. Danny Mwanga buried one in the back of the net. Sadly he was offside’s. Then the next thing I know FC Dallas ran down and scored. So now the Union are down 1-0.

“Ok” I said to myself, “two minutes until half time. So with 30 seconds left Justin Mapp has the ball. 15 seconds now. He shoots everything turned to super slow motion.
Goal!!!!!!! They tied with 5 seconds to spare. I yelled, “Good job Justin Mapp.” Then it was halftime” So I sprinted to the bathroom as fast as I could I felt a lot better after I went the bathroom. Then before you knew it, it was time for the second half. The First half of the second half was played in both team’s ends. Then the last 20 minutes the Union were craving a goal. In that last fifteen minutes was the greatest soccer game I have ever seen in my life . The passing was so crisp and precise, it made me want to cry.
The next thing you know Danny Mwanga is on a breakaway, but he gets fouled in the box so the Union have a penalty kick. I yelled “Go Mwanga”.He made the goalie look foolish. Buried in the upper 90’s,they have won it. That was the time I did something exciting.

I love soccer. It was easy to write about something I like. This moment impacted me by knowing you can do anything if you have heart and determination.

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