The Great Game

November 14, 2011
By GrahamP BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
GrahamP BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
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The wind pummeled my face, as I dribbled down the field. The coach called my friend and I over to him.
“You guys are the core of the team, Graham you are going to be the right striker and Jake you are the left. The only way we are going to be able to win this game is if you guys score goals.” The Coach told us.
“Graham goes warm up Alex!” The Coach Yelled to me as I ran away.
I ran as I nodded to answer my Coaches request. I ran over to Alex, our best goalkeeper, and grabbed a soccer ball and place it on the white dot in the center of the goal box. BAM! SWOOSH!

“C’mon Alex, I know you can do better!” I shouted.

“Nice save, man!” I said in a motivating way.
“Pweee!” The referee had blown his whistle to tell us to get to our positions.
I ran through the wet grass to get to my position. My Grey cleats had turned black once I got to my position, because of the dew on the grass.
“Pweee!” The whistle had blown for the start of the final game of the season.
I had so much adrenalin rushing through my body I felt numb all over. Our defenders let the ball past them almost everytime. But the attackers didn’t.

“BAM!” The opponents had already scored and it was only 15 minutes into the game.
“Dang it!” I yelled with disappointment .
Since I was one of the two captains of the team, I could tell my teammates what to do, and I could call some plays.

“Defenders, mark up your opponents!” I shouted as if in total command.
Then I noticed that Jake was way up the field with the ball, and I was supposed to be there. I ran as fast as I could. There was only one defender left to beat and Jake had the ball. Jake passed a through ball to me just as I started to break away from the last defender. I left the last defender in the dust as I flew for the goal.

“BAM! POW!” Was the sound of the ball ricocheting off of the crossbar.

I had missed the goal by an inch. My legs were trembling from running down the field at full speed. My teammates congratulated me for making a nice play but I didn’t really want to here it. Right now all I wanted to hear was that I scored, but sadly I didn’t. It was the 45th minute and half-time. I could have fallen down at that moment and just laid there for a while, but instead I walked over and talked to my coach.

“Coach, can I get subbed out for like 15 minutes? I need a moment of rest.” I pleaded.

“15 minutes but that is it. We need good players on the team and your one of them and do you promise me if I give you this break you will score a goal before the end of this game?” He whispered.

“Yes I promise.” I said.
I walked over and sat on this blue plastic seat. It was not the most comfortable seat in the world but it was my only choice, accept for standing, and I don’t think that standing would help my aching ankles. 10 minutes had gone by when the opposing team scored yet another goal. Since this game was the finals I got that I wasn’t there to stop that goal from going in. I wouldn’t really care if it was a friendly game, but this was the finals, after this game there is no going back.

15 minutes went by and my coach called me back onto the field. My legs didn’t ache after the rest and it felt good to get back on my feet again. The game was now only 15 minutes from ending and we were losing by two goals to nothing, which meant if we wanted to win this game we had to do something fast. Instead of trying to stay back and help the defenders I ran up the field. Our goalie had the ball and I was yelling to him to punt the ball to me. He punted the ball perfectly to me. I started dribbling down the field but a defender slide tackled me.

“Pweee!” The ref blew his whistle to call a free kick for me. The ball had been placed only 20 feet away from the goal, just outside of the penalty box. I had trained myself a lot just for this situation. I put the ball on the ground and took four big steps back. I took a deep breath and BAM!

“SWOOSH!” The ball smashed the back of the net right over the reach of the goalie.

“YEEAA!” I yelled as my teammates jumped on me with joy.
Now we only had 10 minutes left of playing time. I got the ball and ran down the field, ad crossed the ball. One of my teammates jumped out of nowhere and headed the ball into the goal. The score was now 2-2 and we only had 5 minutes until the final whistle blew for the end of the game. So we got back into our positions and kicked the ball off. The other team was passing so much that we could barely get the ball but finally Jake intercepted one of the passes and ran up the field. There were now only 30 seconds left in the game and we were running down the field with the ball. Jake shot ad missed it bounced off of the goalies hands and it was now at my feet. I took a step and shot.

“GOAL!” The ref said right before he blew the whistle for the end of the game. We had won the game 3-2 in the final game of the season. It was one of those moments in a movie when there is the dramatic music playing really loud accept it was real life.

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