November 12, 2011
By JD_Ross PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
JD_Ross PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
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Favorite Quote:
" A champion is someone who gets up even when they can't"

Adrenaline in my veins, crowds of many screaming to score, sideline comments to help your game, the pounding of the ball as its thrown to the floor over and over again. The smell of the gym is always home to me, the power of the cheering always making you want to try harder. Getting the ball you seem choked up when you have it, worrying what move you should use to make the basket. The ball being thrown in to you, scared to death that the other team will snag it and everyone will be mad at you. Using moves of skill and luck taking it one step at a time looking for that inside shot.

Everyones pushing to not let their man get the ball, pulling at their jersey's, and slapping at the ball to steal it. Defense is my time to shine, the defense is my favorite. When I get to dive for the ball when its on the ground and slapping the ball when its in the opponent’s hands thats when I take control. When a girls about to make a lay-up and you just move right in front of her to get the charge. The basket doesn’t count and your team gets the ball as the crowd screams your name. Putting on the heat as more and more players don’t want to mess with you but you have to do your job for the team so you play tougher defense than before.

I’m dying by the time the game ends, I look at the score board and we won. I don’t care at that moment how tired I am I let out a scream of accomplishment and hug my teammates as we go to shake the other team’s hand. The ball being dribbled down the court is what I live for and can’t stop. The thudding sounds of the ball being pounded or a girl falling to the floor. Every things a work in progress and basketball is something you can’t just decide to play and be able to make any team. It takes skill, concentration, and the will to run and take the time to learn the team’s moves.

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