Golf: A Lifelong Passion

November 3, 2011
By BURNTQUESO BRONZE, Whittier, California
BURNTQUESO BRONZE, Whittier, California
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Golf; it’s more than just a sport, it’s a passion. The smell of freshly cut grass, feel of taking a perfect divot, and the sound of the ball trickling in the hole. Golf is the perfect sport; it can be played throughout an entire life time. It can be frustrating more times than not, yet it’s the most rewarding experience a person could have.

Anyone can play golf; whether it is at a driving range or a round on the course. Age and gender do not matter in golf. Golf can be a lifelong passion; players could start as young as three and play until they can no longer walk. The only competition in golf is against one’s self. There is never a need to depend on a teammate.

Playing golf is the only time one could go from being outraged to thrilled within seconds. There is no better feeling than watching a well struck ball check-up next to the flag. The satisfaction of taking a perfect divot with a wedge makes all of one’s problems disappear. While playing golf, there are no problems or any stress from the outside world. Golf is a vacation close to home.

After much practice, golf becomes second-nature. One can visualize a shot before hitting it, watching it roll towards the hole in their mind. An iron shot feels as though the club never even hit the ball when hit in the sweet spot. The feeling of a perfect shot keeps golfers returning to the course, craving the satisfaction. For these reasons, golf is the best game ever made.

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