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November 3, 2011
By CaseyS BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
CaseyS BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Sports fans have switched over to action sports, from traditional ones. Also, my friend who really liked traditional sports, switched to being a fan of action sports after he saw them and all their glory. Plus, action sports are as entertaining as doing the craziest thing you can do. Action sports are gaining fans because they are thrilling, dangerous, and fun

Rally racing, which is an action sports is gaining fans because it is thrilling. First off the sport is a pure adrenaline rush; you are speeding in a car while jumping the terrain. Also, the sport is intense because there are crashes and lots of accidents. Many of the drivers are pushing the sport to new limits for the crowd and audience by doing bigger jumps and making tighter courses. That is why rally racing is a thrilling sport that is gaining fans.

Longboarding is an action sport that is gaining fans because it is dangerous. Since the sport is dangerous it is gaining fans at a fast rate; when longboarders go on a road and keep up with a car, which is very dangerous. Also, if then you get hurt then you want to land the trick or slide that you failed so you come back to the sport. Plus, more people are coming up with dangerous tricks everyone wants to do. That is why longboarding is gaining fans because it is dangerous.

Motocross is an action sport that is gaining fans because it is fun. Motocross and traditional sports are very different in many ways, but especially in the crowd sizes. When you are at a motocross show it is packed and traditional sports are not like that, the reason for this is because they are fun to watch and to do. Also, motocross is fun because it is evolving, so you can always learn and do new tricks. Plus, it is fun because you can relax and take your mind off stressful topics that are happening to you. That is why motocross is gaining fans from traditional sports.

Action sports are gaining fans from traditional sports for many reasons. The reasons vary far and wide, but are good reasons nonetheless. There are other factors that have a contributing factor in this also, but they are generational.

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