Top 10 Reasons Why the Packers are the Greatest Team in the NFL

October 21, 2011
By PackerFan12 GOLD, Glendale, Wisconsin
PackerFan12 GOLD, Glendale, Wisconsin
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1. Aaron Rodgers: Aaron Rodgers has the makings of a NFL hall of fame quarterback. He is able to maintain the pressures that face football players almost every day, as well as lead his team to success by his own collected example. Rodgers also has an arm that would rival any other hall of fame quarterback in the NFL and very low interception rating. It also doesn't hurt to be the Superbowl MVP and have the highest passer rating in the NFL at this very moment. Despite all of these attributes, Rodgers still has to face criticism from the media, especially having to do with Mister Number 4, but he handles the media with confidence and a slight arrogance that is necessary in the NFL.

2. Wide Receivers: The Packers wide receiver core is probably the best in the league. Aaron Rodgers is a very lucky man for having so many open targets when he gets out of the pocket and needs to pass. Greg Jennings is probably the best receiver this year on the Packers offense. He can catch almost any ball that Rodgers throws to him, as well as run that ball for many yards after that. Jordy Nelson seems to be pulling into number 2 spot with his ability to run in for touchdowns, particularly from 60 yards away. James Jones, who had some problems with dropped balls, now seems accustomed to catching a touchdown pass and holding on (which may be from pressures from his fellow receivers). Donald Driver, while slowing down in his role, still is a vital aspect of this receiving core as the “old man” who can give advice and occasionally with make another recording breaking Lambeau leap. Rookie Randall Cobb also seems at home with the Packers, especially after his touchdown in the Packers home opener game against the Saints. With enough time and practice he too will be pushing for a higher spot in the receiving core, but for now expect many kicks returned for touchdowns. This receiving core is one big family and plays just like it. These men will protect their fellow teammates and won't take any fowl talk about their receivers from anyone.

3. Jermichael Finley: Returning from almost a year on the injured reserve, Jermichael Finley has not lost any of his star power and shine. An overconfident, arrogant, passionate Jermichael Finley has made himself a spot as tight end for the Packers and has no thoughts on giving it up. With his remarkable height and speed, it's very difficult for other teams to match him up, making him one of Rodgers' hottest targets. With his huge body structure, Finley can catch up pass over the heads of much shorter defensive players and then plow his way through them for a touchdown. Number 88 isn't going anywhere for the Packers.

4. Coaching Staff: McCarthy, Greene, Capers, Philbin. These names are the names of the ingenious coaching staff of the Packers. While not considered in the race, McCarthy magnificently coached his team the Super Bowl, well deserving of a coach of the year award. He puts down force and power over his players, but also lets them make their own decisions and change plays when necessary. He knows when to criticize a player and when to pump a player's spirits up to get them to play better. Kevin Greene, outside linebackers coach, is the mastermind of Clay Matthews. He transformed a wild, impractical rookie into a team leader of the defense. He knows when to “release the hounds” and “let the dogs out.” During the Super Bowl his words to Clay Matthews, “It is time” led to Matthews forcing a fumble from Steelers running back Mendenhall. Dom Capers is the creative genius of his defense. The Packers defense is one of the greatest in the NFL. His ability to transform players like Matthews, Shields, Raji, and Collins into talented athletes with a secured place on the defense. Offensive coach Joe Philbin, obviously, has to be credited with the Packers impressive, point scoring defense. His ability to come up with plays to allude the defense and put Rodgers in total control has lead to some high point scoring games with the Packers on top.

5. Clay Matthews: Clay Matthews is a beast, an uncontrollable, wild, crazed beast. His passion on the field is what makes is a key aspect to the Packers defense and the team as a whole. He is ability to rush the quarterback, sack the quarterback, force fumbles, and as he proved last season, even run in a touchdown. He is every offensive guard's worst nightmare, and even when Matthews, is guarded by two players, he still has an impact on the team.

6. Family: The sense of community for the Green Bay Packers is remarkably strong. The Packers are not just a football team; they are a family. Everyone sticks up for each other, jokes with each other, and pushes each other to do their best. Even families have their problems, and if someone is not doing their job, the other family members will criticize the player. This criticism does not break the Green Bay Packers family; only makes them stronger. They play as one unit, and if they hear that they are not doing their job, they will change that to help their family.

7. Fans: One cannot describe the Green Bay Packers without its fans. The Green Bay Packers have one of the largest fan bases in all the NFL. A football game at Lambeau Field is not a ritual; it's a lifestyle. The fans help the Packers become the best team in the NFL through their support. Every home game at Lambeau is a sell-out, and at every away game the “go pack go” chant still can be heard in the stadium. The fans support their team through and through in the good and bad teams. Their support and confidence in their team only makes the Packers stronger. They play for their amazing fans and never want to let them down.

8. Running backs: Two running backs, one spot, Ryan Grant and James Starks: who do you believe would win number one? The Packers decided that choosing between their consistent, driven running back, and their second year fireball that helped them win a Super Bowl would be too much, so Starks and Grant share the running back position. Both provide an extra burst to the Packers' offense. Starks is able to pick up many yards, gaining bursts of energy and many first downs. He has transitioned from a not very well trained player that was inconsistent on the practice field to a player that is not only energized and well trained but also much more consistent. Ryan Grant is the tough running back that is able to pick up the vital 2 or 3 yards for the first down in times of trouble. He lacks some of the fire of the young Starks but makes up for it with its toughness and consistency.

9. Donald Driver and Charles Woodson: To legendary names to the National Football league are, in fact, Donald Driver and Charles Woodson. They are the heart and soul of the Packers offense and defense. The “old men of the business” wide receiver, Driver, and cornerback, Woodson, are the faces behind the Packers because they can get powerful emotions out of their teammates and make them fight harder for the obvious goal of winning. Woodson proved to be the team leader of last year's Super Bowl run with his speeches and jokes to get the Packers to succeed. He was the one who said, “Let's be one heartbeat” referring to the Packers working as one unit to achieve a Super Bowl win. He also joked with his team members that they need to win the Super Bowl because President Obama did not want to visit them at the Super Bowl. These well thought out speeches to the team provided to be the force that drove the team to victory. Driver with his amazing smile and jovial personality also is an important aspect to the team. If Driver goes down, everyone in the Packers has a somber mood, as well as the rest of the NFL. Players admire his success, his personality, and his talent on the football field. The Green Bay Packers did not just want to win a Super Bowl for themselves; they wanted to win one for Donald Driver.

10. Matt Flynn: Matt who? Yes, Matt Flynn may not be as renown as Aaron Rodgers, but he actually proves a vital aspect to the team. The Packers are very much a pass based offense which means Mr. Aaron Rodgers is a vital necessity. The backup quarterback, therefore, is just as important as the starting quarterback. As many witnessed in last years Packers versus Patriots game, Flynn did not shy away from the spotlight and lived up to expectations. What was supposed to be a flop game in favor of the Patriots turned into a very close, well matched one with the Packers only losing because of little mistake and lack of time. Packer fans know that their team is in good hands if, need be, Aaron Rodgers goes down (which is almost as likely as Brett Favre retiring from football forever).

The author's comments:
I am a female football fanatic. On Sunday afternoons, you can find me screaming at the TV, watching a Packer football game. I've grown up watching the Packers which might just make me a cheesehead. In Wisconsin life revolves around the Packers no matter where you are from. Life without the Packers would not be life here.

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