Kiara Nowlin: A True Succsess Story

October 20, 2011
By Ariana23 BRONZE, Lakewood, Colorado
Ariana23 BRONZE, Lakewood, Colorado
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With her amazing gift for cheerleading and tumbling, Kiara Nowlin has gone from young “wild child” to young mature award winning athlete!

She began walking at nine months, that already was a sign that she was destine to be an active child. At the age fiffteen months Kiara started to flip off of the couches…(not by accident), ever since then she has been giving her mother and father “mini heart attacks.”

At the age of sixteen months Kiara’s mother saw a van pass by for a local gymnastics gym- Gold Coast Gymnastics. She quickly wrote the number down on a napkin. Three months after that Kiara was signed up for gymnastics classes. But she had to wait another three months because Gold Coast does not accept children under the age of eighteen months. As her mom got to thinking- she thought to herself that this would be good for Kiara, that she could learn the proper way to throw her self off of couches with out completely hurting her self. At the age of two years old Kiara did her first backhandspring.

When she was three years old, Kiara finally started to preform with Gold Coast -but didn’t start to compete until the age of seven… And from here a star was born! Kiara started to win many titles- such as, USASF Young Athlete, Double Mini Tramp Team, 3x World Age Game Champion, and Age Game Mini Tramp Team. As well as many more.

At four years old an all star cheerleading coach saw Kiara at one of Gold Coast’s performances. She approached Kiara and asked if she wanted to become an all star cheerleader. Kiara has been cheerleading ever since. The initial plan was for Kiara to stop all star cheerleading when she turned seven, but she had already fallin in love with cheerleading that she couldn’t stop. So she went forth with both sports.

According to " Brittany Geragotelis, Managing Editor of American Cheerleader Magazine, “Kiara Nowlin is the ultimate “Cheerlebrity”. “She's strong, dedicated, inspirational and incredibly talented-everything a true cheerleader should be. Kiara is the real deal!"(qtd. In “Cheerleader Magazine”)

The Kiara Nowlin character is one of a kind. She’s a role model for many people- in many ways- she’s one who has inspired her generation. And many to come.

The author's comments:
About Kiara Nowlin a professional and power tumbler. And award winning cheerleader. An insperation to me.

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