John Elway

October 20, 2011
By braylin lee BRONZE, Lakewood, Colorado
braylin lee BRONZE, Lakewood, Colorado
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Eli manning has won one super bowls. Peyton manning has won one super bowl. But john Elway has won two super bowls . John Elway was born on June, 28,1960. He took the broncos threw the play offs and super bowl twice in a row and they won. He went to Stanford and threw really good he scored 77 touch downs in five years. He has a special play named after him. It is called the drive. He drove the broncos 98 yards in six minutes. He was one of the best quarter backs in college and in the N.F.L. He is in the hall of fame. He will always be one of Denver’s greatest memorys. He has played threw snow rain and some of the hottest days in Colorado. He was a spectacular quarter back. He was with the Denver broncos from 1983 to 1998. “I always believe theres a reason you go threw everything” (qtd in “John Elway Qoutes”). Denver wishes he didn’t retire because he was one of there best qaurter backs for a long time. He loved football. As a kid he played a lot of football. He has never left colorado to live or play football for another team. He loved colorado. He still lives in colorado. He is kind of old but has still has skill. Everybody is happy for that espacially him.

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