October 17, 2011
By Anonymous

How do you know you love something? I first realized I loved something when I found myself doing it twenty four hours of the day. The day I realized I loved soccer was back in 2010, It was a quite warm, yet windy day. I was outside kicking around a soccer ball thinking nothing of it. I was thinking about my seventh grade soccer try-outs and what I needed to do to prepare myself to be the best I could be. I was thinking about getting into better shape because I knew soccer consisted of a lot of running. I was thinking about what I could do too have better ball control. I was wondering what I needed to do to really impress my coaches. I knew that I had three weeks till soccer try-outs and I was gonna do everything I could to do what I had just told myself. I worked and worked and worked. I knew that I had what it took to be on the team. As the days went by it was time for my try-outs. It was a three day process and I gave it 100% the whole time. On the last day the coaches pulled me aside and told me I had made the team. I was the happiest I had ever been. I then realized that I loved soccer and I was gonna do everything I could too keep improving.

The author's comments:
Just the game itself inspired me.

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