Basketball and Football

October 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Football and basketball are two different sports. They are two of the most popular American sports. People often criticize basketball because they think it is not as dangerous as football. Even though they are different, they are alike in many ways

Basketball is played outside and in a gym and usually on a wooden court. Football is played on grass or turf. Basketball is played inside because it's a winter sport. Football is played on grass because it's physical contact.

Football uniforms are different from basketball. In football you wear: tugs, shoulder pads, cleats, and a helmet. In basketball you wear: shorts, knee pads, and shirts or jersey's. Football players wear more because their more physical. Basketball is simple, it's not as simple as football.

Their are different rules for everything. Football is controlled by the quarterback; basketball is controlled by a point guard. In football you score by a touchdown, which is seven points. In basketball you score through a hoop, which is two points. The extra points for football is a field goal; for basketball it's a free throw.

In conclusion, I like basketball more. Basketball is more easier to learn than football. In football , their plays are much harder. You have to compete to get a spot. It's easier to get a career off basketball than football.

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