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October 16, 2011
By goalie30 BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
goalie30 BRONZE, Milford, Massachusetts
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My belief

I have played sports ever since I can remember, I swear that I learned to skate before I could even walk but my parents might say otherwise. Because of this, I believe that playing sports and being part of a team has made me a better person. Without sports, I would not be the same person that I have become today. During sports, I have learned many principles that still have an effect on my life today, such as sportsmanship and that everyone deserves respect. I have also learned that sports can help with developing your social skills such as communication amongst your peers and to adults as well, it also allows me a release for my frustrations and pent up energy.

Throughout the years, all of my coaches have been telling me that “it’s not whether you win or lose, but that you have fun while playing”. I believe that organized sports have taught me life lessons that my parents wouldn’t necessarily have been able to. I also feel that every kid should at least try once to become part of a team. It will give them the social skills they need with their peers, teach them respect of others, and keep them busy so they don’t have as much opportunity to get into trouble. Many of which I am thankful for throughout my life thus far.

I have made many friends over the years while playing sports, whether it was at the hockey rink or at the lacrosse and baseball fields. Many of these friends I still keep in touch with even though I haven’t played with them on a team since I was about nine years old.

Being on a sports team, is like being in one big dysfunctional family. We have to see each other at least four times a week, and although we may not like each other sometimes, we have to get over it, and our differences, to work as one when we are on the ice or field together. If we don’t there would be chaos and fighting on the bench and we wouldn’t be having any fun or accomplish anything as a team.

Sportsmanship is a huge part, not only of sports, but for life as well; you have to respect everybody even your most hated opponent, because usually your dislike for them is out of pure jealousy for the talents they possess. It is through this type of competition that I can improve upon my own skills and build not only my self-esteem, but that of my teammates as well, by showing them encouragement and celebrating their accomplishments.

Not only has sports kept me out of trouble, helped me make lots of friends, and taught me how to get along with and respect others that I might not normally have done so in the past, but they are fun to play! If I am lucky enough to have kids someday, I will also get them involved in sports too. For these reasons, and many many more I will continue to play sports. I was probably born with skates on my feet and I will probably die with them on too!

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