Tips to Breakdance

October 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Break-dance is one of many different type of dances. Break dancing was created by different people dancing to different tones and beats. Dancing is a great exercise and healthy for your body. To break-dance you will need open areas and flat surface. If you want to be careful you can get an ABC mat. You can also get a tin break-dance mat so when you fall you won’t hurt yourself. Another thing is you can move anything out of the way when you dance so you won’t break or hurt yourself.

The ABC mat can be brought at Wal-Mart and the break-dance mat is mostly be brought online. Make sure you get the amount you want for the room or area you going to dance in. After you get these things you can start practicing. Break-dance is broken up in 4 groups called top-rock, footwork, freezes, and the last one is power moves.

To learn any of these things you can look it up in different website, for example Once you learn top rock you can learn footwork. Footwork is six steps, knee spin, and 12 steps. You should also use the same website for all the group. Next you want to learn how to do freezes. For this group and power move you going to need the mat because there are freezes that you have to lift yourself and power moves can hurt yourself badly. Power move is the most hardest in my opinion.

So that’s some tip for break dancing. You will enjoy and have fun if you get into it. Dancing is good for your health. Dancing can be a careered or a job. Dancing is also a good exercise.

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curlykeisha said...
on Oct. 29 2011 at 5:05 am
Thanks for the tips but can you buy mats from anywhere else?

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