Cheerleading is Awesome

October 13, 2011
By HaleyBaxter BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
HaleyBaxter BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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Cheerleading can be hurtful. You can get hurt any kind of way. I’m a cheerleader and I’m going to tell you about cheerleading. Ok so to be a cheerleader you need to catch on to things fast, never be mean to anybody , have sharp motions and have a smile on your face at all times no matter if you mad, sad, or upset with something.

They have so many things about cheerleading but I’m going to tell about some stuff. We have to walk the track first than do stretches. The stretches we do is stretch our shoulders, sit on the ground and stretch to the sides and stretch to the middle. We also do kicks. When we do kicks, we spell out “PATRIOTS.”

These can be the most things you got to watch and not talk though. The biggest thing not to do when doing stunts is talking and playing around. If a cheerleader goes to fall than you need to catch her before she hits the ground. You also need people all around the stunt just in case a girl falls. They have all types of stunts but I’m only going to talk about two. They have one call elevator and one call lib. Those are stunts you do not need to be talking in but really it’s for all stunts.

Jumps are important. If you can jump high than that’s good. Well they have all kinds of jumps like: toe touch, and spread eagle. Well those are some jumps but not all jumps. Your toe touch should be high. You should never lean over to toe your toes because that’s not how you do it. A spread eagle is like you jumping in the air like a x. jumps are sometimes hard at times but you will get better at it.

Uniforms are important to have. You need them so you can show who you cheer for. They have mid drifts, shoes, aline, fly away, socks, and bloomers. You only wear them during football season, basket ball season, parades, and pep rally’s. When your wearing your uniform you should be smiling till you have that uniform off. Cheerleaders are supposed to be a family so always be nice and help people out if they need it.

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