Soccer, the best? I Think Yes!

October 6, 2011
By MichaelG BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
MichaelG BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Our best player is waiting for the pass. I kick the ball over the defenders. As he sprints down the field grass spits from beneath his cleats. He passes he ball back to me, I shoot and it swooshes against the back of the net as the buzzer goes off “ERRRRR.” I won the championship for my team! I have four things I think you should know about me as an athlete/sports fan. Number 1, what sport do I love playing? Number 2, what team has my undying allegiance? Number 3, what sport do I love watching? And number 4, what is the most memorable game I have ever seen?

The first thing, what sport do I love playing? The sport I love playing would have to be soccer. Ever since I started playing soccer it has been my passion. I love the feeling of sprinting down the field after a rolling ball then getting it and scoring. I started playing soccer when I was 4 ½. When I first started playing I would always pick up the ball because I didn’t know you couldn’t. My older brother played soccer so I always wanted to be as good or better then he was. I also liked how competitive people got during the games. Sometimes the parents get into fights over their kids game. I think that is the funniest thing in the world.

The second thing, what team has my undying allegiance? The team that has my undying allegiance would have to be Manchester United. Ever since I started watching soccer I have loved the team. Currently my favorite player (Wayne Rooney) plays for them so I love watching the games. The reason I like Manchester united is because they are a good team and they currently are the best team in Barclays premiere league. This season Manchester United has 5 wins and 0 loses.

The third thing, what sport do I love watching? The sport I love watching would have to be football. I have always loved football; even though I don’t play it I enjoy watching. My favorite part of football is the big hits that happen to people, or injuries. My favorite team is the Detroit lions. Another reason I like watching football is because we have parties and a lot of people come over. I also think it is funny to watch people yell or get mad at their favorite team when they do something wrong.

The fourth thing, what is the most memorable game I have ever seen? The game that I remember would have to be Manchester United vs. Arsenal. The game had 10 points total Manchester united 8, Arsenal 2. It was the most memorable game for me because my favorite team won a championship, and for soccer it was a high scoring game. But in that game I think my favorite part was when Rooney made his third goal for a hat trick (a hat trick is when one play scores three goals in one game by themselves). I also think it was a great game because the players of Manchester United played spectacular as a team.
Now you know a lot more about me as a sports fan/athlete and a couple situations I have been in during my soccer career.

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