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October 6, 2011
By ArthurW BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
ArthurW BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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The last thing I remember is an orange ball flying toward me faster than the speed of light. Like a punch to the face, the ball slammed the left side of my jaw. With the power of an earthquake inside my body I collapse to the ground unable to stand up. Cold dark silence filled the chambers of my head. Sports are a big part of my life, playing, watching, and collecting.

The thing I love the most about sports is playing them in person. When I play sports, it gives me a feeling that I can’t explain that surges through my body like a wave hitting you in a wave pool or at the beach. Out of all the sports that I possibly play I enjoy basketball the most. I like basketball so much because you can feel the air rush past your ears as you run down the court, you can feel your body heat up as you play for a long period of time, and the big sense of accomplishment you feel when you come away with the win at the last possible second as the clock strikes zero. This feeling I have experienced once, back in the seventh grade not I but a fellow teammate shot the ball at the exact moment the clock hit one tenth of a second and when it sunk thought the net I have achieved that feeling of accomplishment. However on the reverse side of things, when I lose, I never give up I know that the only way to get better is to keep trying.

Playing sports is truly ranked number one in my book but watching sports comes in a close second. Year round I wait for events to occur of all kinds but my favorite is most defiantly the NBA tip off. This is my favorite because I have a burning hot passion for watching these pros play what I think is the greatest game of all time. On Saturday night I will hunt the house for food of all kinds to munch on as I watch one of my favorite NBA basketball teams, The Milwaukee Bucks, play basketball on the gleaming floor of the Bradley Center. My favorite part of these games is the fourth quarter. Everything happens in these particular twelve minutes, the twenty point runs, the last second buzzer beaters, and this is when the best defense is played. After the fourth quarter starts overtime but only if both teams have the same score. This is the most intense part of some games. When I watch these it makes my hands sweat, my body shakes, and my head feels like it’s just going to explode! When the game finally ends I write the game down on a sheet of paper so I can try and remember how great it was in my future years.

Along side with playing sports and watching them I also like to collect sports memorabilia. The walls of my rooms are splattered with pictures of the greatest basketball player playing the game they love. Soon to be along side these pictures is my expensive positions, two vintage Miami heat basketball jerseys of Lebron James and Chris bosh, imported from china. Another one of my favorite’s things to collect is basketball bobble heads. Tiny plastic heads that are firmly molded to shapes of the players head. The things that I love to collect the most are basketball shoe that are specifically sponsored by a basketball player that is really big. Sadly the shoes usually sell really fast and by the time that I can manage to get one they are not really special anymore. Finally however I managed to get a pair of Derrick Rose crazy light shoes. They weight only 9.8 oz so they are the lightest basketball shoe ever. I collect these things because it gives me the warmth of happiness just to look at them.

Playing sports, watching them on television, and collecting memorabilia are truly some of my passions. They interest me in the ways swimming interest swimmers, money interest people, and soccer interests soccer players. Sometime in the future I no my collecting, playing, and watching will turn into an obsession and believe it or not I welcome that into my life. Sports is truly my entire life in one word.

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