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¨The Last Chance¨

October 5, 2011
By bopidofaraj BRONZE, Miami, Florida
bopidofaraj BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Once upon a time, there was a soccer player, called Juan Pablo. He was the star player on the National Team of Honduras. Juan liked to play soccer since he was four years old. He is a very strong and tall man and had a big mustache, everybody recognized him because of his mustache. He is a little fat but very tall, with black hair and brown eye. He was about to play the last game of the elimination. If Honduras won they would compete on the biggest soccer event, the world cup. The world cup is going to take place in Brazil. The teams that were already classified were Mexico, USA, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Japan, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Ghana and many more. The last game was Honduras against Argentina. After months of hard work, if Honduras won they would go to the World Cup Brazil 2014. Juan Pablo was very nervous because if he won, he would win big money. All the players and his fans were depending on him.
If he won, Honduras will finally make it to the World Cup. If Honduras goes to the world cup, there would be big publicity for the country. Honduras would appear on the World Cup FIFA game, on the newspapers and on the international magazines. Everybody would recognize Honduras. Some people don’t even know where Honduras is, if Honduras got to compete in the world cup, everybody would recognize where Honduras is.

They were playing on Honduras on the Olympic Stadium. The Olympic stadium is the biggest stadium of Honduras, and the stadium international games are played. The Olympic stadium was full of fans, everyone cheering for their country´s team, everybody screamed ¨Honduras! Honduras! ¨
The big game started, Juan Pablo got the ball he passed it to Eduardo, they passed it to each other, until they got to the goal, the goalie, Melvin tried to get it, he went from left to right, when Juan Pablo was about to throw, but he confused him, shot it and post!

The ball came back to the Costa Rica player, Juancho. He was the star player on Costa Rica. It was the two star players, against each other. Juan Pablo against Juancho, in front of the ball. The stadium roared, every fan was whistling so Juancho gets confused, but still Juancho got the ball, but not for much time because Roberto got it from him, Roberto passed it to Eduardo, Eduardo to Juan Pablo, Juan Pablo threw to the edge and the goalie got it but he slipped, because of the big rain that was happening, so Juan Pablo got it again and he shot right in the middle, while Melvin, the goalie of Costa Rica was on the floor. The Honduran fans screamed, jumped, singed, and danced, they were celebrating that Honduras was winning, and they would get the chance to compete in the World Cup.
Then Juancho was very nervous, like Juan Pablo was at the beginning of the game. Juancho passed it to the goalie, Melvin. Melvin tried to passed it to his teammate Jose, but you couldn't see much, because the rain and he passed it to Eduardo, but Jose from Costa Rica, got it from him, he passed it to Diego, Diego to Faris, Faris to Juancho, Juancho shot it, and he scored a goal, the score was 1 to 1, on the minute 82. The game was going to end, so Juan Pablo was going to play with his best effort, because this was his last chance to go to the Brazil World Cup 2014. He got the ball on minute 89´ he was so nervous, he ran and ran alone, he was in front of the goal on minute 90´, if he made that shot, he is making it or breaking it. His last chance came, and he shot it when the Melvin jumped to get it but he couldn’t, and Juan Pablo scored, he celebrated with his teammates. He was going to the Brazil World Cup 2014. Everybody cheered and cried, their country would have to honor to compete and participate on the biggest soccer event, the World Cup.

The author's comments:
This short story is about a man named Juan P. that is competing on the last game on the elimination phase

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