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June 17, 2011
By Chubba BRONZE, Wynantskill, New York
Chubba BRONZE, Wynantskill, New York
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Outdoor skate parks are generally shutdown due to rules not being followed, but indoor skate parks are supervised and usually don’t have many problems with behavior because there is someone watching over the park at all times. But by doing this you would need to have a building, hire workers and pay for things like a bathroom and other bills that come with an indoor skate park. These extra costs make them way more expensive and less common then outdoor. More outdoor, unsupervised skate parks could be made if rules were enforced, making that skate park a safer place to skate.

Simple rules such as wearing helmets, an age limit and of course no drugs, alcohol or glass bottles and no bikes because metal bike pegs tear up obstacles easily. In order to enforce these rules outdoor skate park owners or the town could make wavers that must be signed at the town hall by all skaters who enter the skate park saying they will follow these rules and skate safely or they will be banned forever. This idea of a waiver could be very useful because many outdoor skate parks are shutdown because they were sued by skaters who got injured on there property, but if a waiver was made saying they cant sue for any injuries, the park rules must be followed and you must skate within your limits at your on risk.

Skate parks should be made so skateboarders don’t have to try to find skate spots like in banks or local business buildings, skate there for 20 minutes and then get kicked out and repeat the same process every day. Skaters are stereo typed to be drug addicted kids that are trying to cause trouble. This is most certainly no true because many skaters who are serious about there skating only want a place where they can do tricks on.

Many people think that no matter how many rules are put into place skateboarders’ won’t care and the rules will eventually die off and not be put into effect. It is also said many times skaters will get involved with drugs on the property and turn the pleasant original area into a hoodlum infested slum. I understand that people assume that skaters are like this because they are different. The style of a skater is different then the average kid such as wearing skinny jeans, skate shoes and skate company shirts that aren’t bright and vivid. But the way they dress is the style they like, not how their personalities necessarily are. They feel insulted that many people believe this but try there best to show it isn’t true.

Indoor skate parks seem to be the more expensive and easier approach to keep kids out of the streets, out of trouble and out of the way. Jobs would be made like workers of the park and other indoor needs. Indoor parks are nice alternative to waiting until better weather occurs. Skateboarders can’t skate in outdoor parks with snow because obviously they can’t move. But also can’t skate in a wet area because they risk higher injury, things like bearings rusting, bushings getting wet and turning more then usual and the deck of the skateboard becoming waterlogged making it not function the right way. These are the elements skaters face year round that don’t live in hot weather year round area. The creation of indoor skate parks or a skate park in general can reduce these issues.

I hope that local business workers read my commentary and realize how making a skate park in a common area for skaters can solve many problems. They won’t have to worry about skateboarders being on the property all the time and repeat the process of telling them they can’t skate there. I would also be happy if kids would read this and become inspired to request a skate park to be built in their area to spread skateboarding all over. In my commentary I am trying to get the basic theme of separation of skaters and business owners by making a skate park for the better of everyone. Working together and building a local skate park can be the solution to many problems and help for the growth of skateboarding.

The author's comments:
The creation of skateparks, and issues about them that should be adressed.

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