KTM vs. Yamaha

June 10, 2011
By maineshane2011 BRONZE, E Waterboro, Maine
maineshane2011 BRONZE, E Waterboro, Maine
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Motocross was invented in new Zealand as a off road track with obstacles then they made it into a track where people raced each other and go off of jumps and take sharp turns and through berms. Now many bikes have been created between being faster to different parts there are also a lot of different kinds of dirt bikes. I think that the KTM dirt bike is better than the yamaha.
The KTM is a faster dirt bike. The KTM is faster because it has a better engine and has more power. A liquid cooled engine means that is has a radiator like a car. The KTM has a 349.7cc engine and is a liquid cooled single cylinder 4 stroke. The yamaha dirt bike is on of the weakest in power although it has a 250cc engine and is a liquid cooled 4 stroke dirt bike.

The KTM cost more but its worth it. The KTM is made to be on rough trails and the yamaha is more for racing and tricks. On the yamaha makes you have more balance because your up more near the handle bars. The yamaha has a lighter frame. although the KTM is faster then the yamaha because the KTM has a bigger engine.
If you where to get a dirt bike to ride on trails I would want a KTM. The KTM is better on trails because it has good suspension to go over bigger obstacles like rocks and stumps also down logs. It weighs more so when you go over the obstacles you don't flip over or get air. Also the KTM frame is 14.76 inches off the ground so you can get over bigger stuff then other bikes.

Next time your out trying to get a dirt bike you should get a KTM. The research proves that its the better dirt bike.

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