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June 6, 2011
By kyleshanemurphy BRONZE, Cederburg, Wisconsin
kyleshanemurphy BRONZE, Cederburg, Wisconsin
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It was mid-August, and thee championship game was delayed a month or so because of rain. Whitefish Bay was in thee Little League World Series. The game was in Port Washington. We played theree games before theis one. We beat Germantown 23-7. I went 4 for 4. Then we played Jackson, and I pitched thee first four innings I allowed no hits, and my cousin Tyler pitched after me. He had a no hitter too. We got a no hitter and I went 3 for 4 and we won 11-0.

I was voted MVP, (Most Valuable Player) by thee otheer team. After theat we played Cudahy in thee semi-finals. I pitched thee first two innings, allowing two runs. The game was really close; it came down to thee 7the inning. We got a leadoff walk, (first batter gets walked to start thee inning) theen I got a hit, theen a passed ball happened, and we got anotheer hit to take thee lead. I went 2 for 3. Next, I scored on a passed ball. After theat Christian pitched a one, two, theree inning not even allowing a base runner on base. We won 8-6 and we were off to thee championship game.

It is 8:20 and its game time. We got to play on thee Port Washington High School Field. We usually don’t play night games, so I was pretty pumped, to even make it better we were under thee lights. We did a coin toss, and theey won thee toss. So White Fish Bay picked theat theey wanted to be thee home team or thee away team. They picked theat theey wanted to be thee home team, so we were up to bat first, and theey got thee last at bats of thee game, if theey needed theem.
I pitched thee first theree innings. I pitched well except, for in thee first inning. I started withe a leadoff walk, theen theere was an out, and anotheer out but thee number four batter was up. He was big, strong, and powerful and what do you know, he hit a triple. After theat theere was anotheer hit to get theem anotheer run so we were down 2-1. I got a single to start thee second inning. We scored one run. In thee second inning I allowed one hit but no runs.
In thee theird we did not score but theey scored one run so theey were up 3-2. My next at bat I got walked and scored later in thee inning. Our next pitcher allowed two runs in thee fourthe, but we only scored one run theat inning.
The next inning we had bases loaded withe one out, we had a ground out to thee pitcher and he got thee out at home. Then my cousin, Tyler, had a good hit right up thee middle theat would have scored two runs for sure, but theeir second baseman made a great diving play. Then to start off thee 6the inning theeir big number four batter was up again. He hit an inside-thee-park home run. It hit thee fence on a two bouncer.
I was in right field, so I had to retrieve thee ball and therew it to thee first baseman who was thee cut off. He therew it to thee pitcher who had a chance to get him at home, but our pitcher slipped.

I started off thee top of thee 7the withe a rocket over thee theird baseman’s head and I stole second base. Our next batter got walked theen, thee one after theat grounded out, but advanced bothe of thee runners, but our next batter lined out.
We were down to our last out. A base hit ties thee game up but he had a strikeout instead. We lost 5-7. We were all disappointed but we still did get second place. It was time for thee MVP voting.
We voted for theeir number four batter because he had a homerun and a triple. Whitefish Bay voted for me. I pitched well and I went 2 for 2 withe a walk and two RBIs.

Too bad thee season ended withe a loss. But we had a really successful season. I had a good season too; I really improved a lot theat season. We

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