For Thirty Years the Golden Question Has Not Been Solved Yet

May 19, 2011
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There is a sport looks so easy on television, and when you think about this sport how hard can this sport be by just knocking down pieces of wood with a ball as your weapon? If you go out and try to bowl you would know bowling is difficult, but would you count bowling as a sport or not? For the past thirty years the key question, is bowling a sport, has not been solved. A lot of people have their own opinions. Some people think bowling is just an activity were you drink beer and bowl. Other people for example like me think bowling is a sport because you have teams, uniforms, and coaches. Bowling might not be a contact sport like football, but if golf and cheerleading are consider a sport why not bowling? Bowling is just like football, basketball and baseball and this sport is on ESPN so why do they not consider bowling a sport!? The PBA bowlers think bowling is a sport and that they should consider bowling a sport. In my perspective BOWLING IS A SPORT!

Bowling helps build your upper body strength just like free running. Bowling is a physical activity. Physical activity might have the word “activity” at the end, but who cares bowling is still a sport. Bowling helps your health and well-being. Doctors select bowling as a physical therapy treatment because of the exercise bowling gives you. When I broke my wrist my doctor told me for physical therapies go bowling and bowl a couple of games so that I can get my wrist moving correctly. I bowled a couple of games and my wrist felt a lot better. Bowling does help you with your health, and it is a good resource if you are trying to lose weight or exercise.

After two weeks of researching in my school library I found NO books on bowling. I went up to the librarian and asked why do you not have books on bowling? She told me that she did not know why. I had to go to my second resource which was the Guinness World Record Book and there was nothing in there. How can that be!? If there are no books on bowling in my library or anything on bowling in the record book then that to me is a disgrace to the sport of bowling. I had to go to the Marion County Public Library to find out information on bowling. The library had 1,477 books to choose from. I was glad that at least one library had books on bowling.

When you see golf or cheerleading on ESPN do you count them as a sport? If so why do you not count bowling? Bowling is always on television and ESPN when a PBA tour is in town and big name bowlers are in like the famous two-hander Jason Belmonte, Norm Duke, Chris Barnes, and the legends Walter Ray Williams Jr. then people are going to be watching the show. Professional bowlers are popular just like other known sport stars. Would you compare a professional bowler like Walter Ray Williams Jr. to Peyton Manning or Michael Jordan? I would definitely compare Walter Ray Williams Jr. to Peyton Manning even though Peyton Manning makes more money. If bowling is on ESPN then bowling is a SPORT, and they should count bowling as a sport.

The key question will always have different answers and people may just not like the topic. Is bowling a sport or not? Does bowling help your health? Should there be books in school libraries to educate kids on bowling? Bowling is a sport that takes time. You must practice to get better just like football. Bowling is on ESPN so to me BOWLING is a sport! There is no argument! Bowling is or should be consider a Sport along with Football, Baseball, Basketball and Tennis.

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