A Day at the Diamond

May 15, 2011
By , Cumming, GA
Snap! The crack of the bat and I was off to first base. One day when I was little I wanted to play for the Chicago Cubs. I was only five and playing tee ball. I was hot stuff, barely knew the game and already loved it. That was where my love for the game started at a diamond somewhere in south Florida. My dad gave me all the proper training and equipment to be the best I possibly could. And I think I was because when I was twelve I made it to the little league world series regional game and was leading my team in hits and rbi’s it was the best day of my life. When I play now I love to think I can still play for the Cubs. Even though I know I can’t do so.

Why I love baseball? It is fun to watch and even more fun to play. My favorite player is Albert Pujols, he plays for the St. Louis Cardinals and is a gold glove first baseman. My favorite team is the Atlanta Braves. Nothing in the world to me is better that going to a game at Turner Field and enjoying the whole day there. There is no other feeling in the world than smelling the fresh cut grass, watching the teams go at it, and smelling all the ballpark hot dogs. I always wanted to play for the Cubs because I was born in Illinois and they will always be my home team at heart.
I encourage anyone with little kids to get them involved with baseball. It will bring nothing but smiles and I promise you will love going to all there games and cheering them on from the bleachers. Plus it isn’t all that expensive to buy all the equipment and get them signed up. With all the Parks and Rec leagues all over the country it will be easy to get them signed up. So please take this little bit of advice and it will go a long way. I promise it will bring plenty of smiles. My father got me involved and I am constantly thanking him for doing so.

There are plenty of other sports to get involved in. Football is fun until your child gets hurt. Basketball is fun until you get bored of it. Soccer isn’t fun at all. And Baseball is an American pastime. Baseball has the least amount of injuries and is a very awesome fundamental sport. No one gets bored with baseball it just grows on you. My whole family loves baseball. I am crazy about the stats of national league teams. Baseball is an all-around awesome sport.

To conclude, Baseball is an American pastime. I love Albert Pujols, the Atlanta Braves, and one day would love to play for the Chicago Cubs. I encourage everyone to get involved in this amazing sport. It is inexpensive which a big plus for the parent’s wallet is good. And I just hope you take this into consideration and get your child playing ball so they can have the same experiences that I had. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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