My 2010 Football Season

May 8, 2011
By nfhs2014raider BRONZE, Dawsonville, Georgia
nfhs2014raider BRONZE, Dawsonville, Georgia
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My 2010 football season started in late May of 2010. I was planning on be a starting running back, but this kid I knew for a very long time was a really good one. Since he’s such a good running back, I had to fine another position to play. During spring training, they had me playing all the linebacker positions: strong(Sam),weak(Will),and middle(Mike). I did really good at those positions, until I sprained my ankle and couldn’t play for the rest of spring practice. One of my coaches said to me, “Ryan, you have the potential to be a great football player here at this high school.” That’s what made me work my hardest during the summer. I went to almost everyone of the off-season workouts ,except one right before 4th of July weekend. During the summer offspring workouts, we did bench, squats, power cleans, and a lot more workouts. The things I hated the most was 40s.40s are were you run forty yards until you do the number of 40s your done with. I wasn’t really the strongest kid on the team or the fastest, but I worked my butt of during the season and started over better athletes.

Finally, our season started in august and my coach said, “I don’t think our high school is working there butts off like this.” I honestly didn’t like my head coach, he wasn’t the smartest of coaches, though all the other coaches were. Then during one practice a week before our first game, I got a concussion. My mom was very worried since another kid on the varsity football team had a concussion and had to get surgery and all on his brain and didn’t have a high chance of living, he’s alive though. As soon as she found out, she took me to the hospital. The hospital said I had a concussion and couldn’t do physical activity for 10 days. I was really mad since I couldn’t play in our game and I was starting linebacker; one of my good friends took that linebacker spot for the rest of the year. We wound up losing that game 7-6 cause one of kids made a bad snap on the extra point attempt. Our next game was against our rival high school.

I had a lot of good friends on that team. Since I had my concussion, I no longer started at linebacker and didn’t start the next game. I only went in 10 times that game on special teams and at the end of the game. The good thing is that we won the game 14-7, but the bad thing is that one of corners broke his arm that game. One of my coaches asked me if I wanted to play corner and I said, “Coach, I play any position I don’t care if its line”. So he worked me at corner that whole week and I wound up starting the next game, but me and my friend switched out every possession. I remember on the first play of the game the opposing team threw a pass and the kid caught it and I stripped the ball. That was probably the best game of my football year, and I started there the rest of the year. We wound up winning that game 49-21. Every game went nice and smooth that year we wound up winning the rest of the games by at least 14 points. We played in the championship; we lost 35-7. I didn’t have the greatest of games that game. I got beat deep once and that cost us the game. I felt really bad after the game, but after the game my uncle told me that team out coached us.

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I had to write this piece for extra credit.

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