The DC-G MS Football Season

May 6, 2011
The football season for the 7th graders went well. Coach James, Nath, and Lachacz coached us through a thought season, okay I can’t really say thought are first game against ADM was a walk in the park A Team won 32- 0 and B Team won 46- 0. Then the next week would go on to play at Ballard. The team was ready for there first road game. The A team won 32- 0, then the B team also won 40- 0. After Stomping on Ballard we went on the road to play at Indianola. The A Team would loose a hard fought game 6-8, the B Team won the there game with the shut out 14 – 0, and finally after two hours of waiting the C Team played the score for that one was 12 – 22. After Indianola gave the team there first loss the next week the A Team was ready to redeem them selves against Boone at home witch they did the beat Boone by the score of 22 – 14 and the B Team won 38 – 0. After Boone came Winterset and we just had fun with them A Team won 28 – 0 and B Team 49 – 0. Winterset was a walk in the park, but we knew Fort Dodge was not going to be one. But after the delay for lightning the A Team won 22 – 6 and the B Team won 24 – 6. The A Team had a 5 – 1 record and the B team had a perfect season with a record of 6 – 0. The 7th grade team had a great year with some marvelous wins and spectacular plays.

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