"Play Maker"

April 18, 2011
By , bolingbrook, IL
It was another beautiful day in Nashville, Tennessee when I went out there for a soccer tournament. My teammate’s dad rented a convertible we had the top down and cruised down the road with the music playing. It was the very first time I’ve ever been in one the year 2006. Not going to lie, I felt pretty cool and I just felt happy as the wind was blowing in my face. When we got to the fields it was time to get our game faces on because now nothing else matters just winning this next game was the only thing on my mind. It wasn’t just another game if we win then we get to move to the next round of this huge tournament with teams all over the U.S. The team we were about to play were from Michigan and they all had some good talent with the ball, but that didn’t scare us because our talent was just as good. As we started the game and began playing they were the first to score, but that didn’t mean give up it meant fight harder, because in the end its all about who wanted this game the most. Getting towards the end of the game the score was 2-2 when we got a corner kick. I remember just waiting for the signal to crash the net from my teammate as my adrenaline started to pump even more. As soon as she lifted her hand to cross the ball I ran full speed and nailed the ball right in the back of the net with five minutes remaining. I never felt so much excitement and happiness as my team picked me up and spun me around. We ended up winning that game and got to move to the next round. After the game ill always remember my teammate’s dad coming up to me and saying, “hey play maker you made it happen great game! I’ll never forget that day it still feels like it was yesterday.

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