Keep Forever

April 29, 2011
By Anonymous

Something that I would like to keep forever is my athleticism. I’m pretty athletic and for sports I run cross country and track. I’ve always liked to run and always will. People say cross country or what I do is long distance running is hard or boring. I always say it’s not boring if your good at it and it’s not hard if you train in the off season, like summer and winter. Track to me is really fun because there are a lot of different types of races you can do. I run the one mile and the 200 meter dash. When I get older I still want to run a lot, because I will always love running long distances and I want to run till I’m at least 65 years old. I want to live a long, healthy life. Our coach says we can’t drink pop during cross country season. I haven’t drunk pop since last summer. I always drink water because it hydrates your body very well for races. I at least drink 2 bottled waters a day. I’m so glad I was gifted for running and running long distances…that I will keep forever.

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