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April 22, 2011
By Minihouse1 BRONZE, San Antonio, Hawaii
Minihouse1 BRONZE, San Antonio, Hawaii
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Last year in my championship baseball game there were 2 outs with bases loaded, and it was the bottom of the 6th. I have a lot of gratitude for the game of baseball. So, Alec Shaheen was the pitcher for the Little League Milwaukee Brewers. He pitches the ball and i hit a mere ground ball to the shortstop. Jeff Schaffer was on 3rd base. He runs home, its a close play at the plate...he scores and we win the game. I drove in the game-winning run.
On Monday April 18 it was a rematch of the championship game. I was fully engrossed in winning this game. We were the away team, so we were batting first. I was batting second in the lineup. I hit a little blooper to right field and David Massey made a diving catch to get me out, I was very mad. Then I was our starting catcher and Jeff Scaffer was our pitcher. I was fully confided that he would pitch strikes.
We went 1,2,3 that inning, He stuck out 2 people. Jeff pitched a no-hitter through 3 innings. Then Mason Lydic came into pitch. He gave up 1 run and then the score was tied 1-1. So in the top of the 6th and it was Robert Zarycki, Jeff Schaffer, then me up to bat. They both got on and Zarycki was on 3rd and Jeff was on 2nd. I hit a deep fly ball to left. It was deep enough, so that Robert could tag up and score the winning run. After 6 1/2 innings the score was 3-1. Then we came out and shut them out in the last 1/2 inning to win the game. Now in both games I drove in the winning run.

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