what makes dirtbiking so fun

March 24, 2011

My essay is about dirt bikes. Something’s that is fun about dirt biking is that anybody could like the sport. Anybody can ride a dirt bike. There no law saying you can’t ride.

Something’s that is fun about dirt biking. Is that all ages can ride from when they can to however old u live up too. Any guy and any girl can ride a dirt bike. And anybody that wants to go into tournaments.
Some their things that are fun about dirt biking is the difficultly of riding. When someone keeps trying to do the same trick over and over. Then they finally get it just right then your heart would be pumping a mile a minute in excitement. Some people could try to do a trick and get hurt and not be able to ride anymore.
Another thing about dirt biking being fun. Is how everybody is so competitive over racing. There are different types of races. There is free style, pair racing, and then there’s normal racing with people racing it out to win by racing in laps.
Dirt biking inspired me to be better at sports. And every time someone would go riding with you. You have a great time. That’s why dirt biking is fun.

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