April 19, 2011
By luckygirl BRONZE, Vandaila, Missouri
luckygirl BRONZE, Vandaila, Missouri
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The final day has come; all the football boys are excited for the big night tonight. When night falls, the game has started. The first boy to get hurt was Josh Telbow. He came to the sidelines, started to vomit and had massive headaches. Everyone thought he was sick but what he really had was a concussion. He and the coach didn’t know he had one, so the coach put Josh back in. If you were a coach, would you put a kid back in the game if he had massive headaches?

In the article, Kirstyn states that players the age of 30-49 suffer memory disorders 19 times the normal rate. “ NFL players are role models to kids. When a kid sees a player get hurt they think its okay. But its really not. The players should be more careful of what they do,” says Kirstyn her report. She also says that it’s hard to see if a football player will have another concussion when he is 45 years old. You shouldn’t be let back into the sport until you get a medical doctors approval.

I agree with Kirstyn because concussions are serious medical condition that is often overlooked. Some coaches don’t realize that concussions are bad and send the players back into the game. If I was a coach I wouldn’t send my player back into the game if he had any symptoms of a concussion like massive headaches and vomiting, even if he was my best player! I also agree that all players suffering from head injury need a doctor’s approval before returning to that sport. This needs to start at the Jr. High school levels of sports.

Concussions are a serious matter that players, coaches and parents need to take seriously. If you had a kid suffer a head injury, would you take it seriously?

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