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April 11, 2011
By ALB99 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
ALB99 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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We will always respect them, love them, own their jerseys, try and meet them for an autograph, and record every special appearance they make on TV, but do they respect the sport they use to play the same way they did back in the day? Some are announcers, broadcaster, Hall of Famers, and now just plain fans in huge mansions. But do they call the players that play their old sports softies and money chasers? From a fans point of view, some players do look like softies and money chasers. And the franchise player that praises the fans may just be a chaser in disguise. Those players that are in the professional athlete alumni may seem like they know-it-all, but sometimes it seems like they don’t.
What if I told you that one of the most over-looked players in the NBA, calls the new generation “softies?” Some people say he went a little too far, but that statement could be up for grabs. With the new revolution of flopping, and the dance moves may seem like a couple players don’t want to get their fingers dirty. But on the other side of the argument, makes the NBA look tougher than ever. Now, I’ve never changed the channel to ESPN Classic and looked at an old school tight shorts game, so please tell me if I’m wrong. But the dunks seem a little more intense, the rivalries seem even more heated, and the fans seem a little more excited.
Even though the regular games are going well, the one thing that has literally dropped is the All-Star Game and Weekend. The NBA Dunk Contest needs an enormous change to it. I like what Demar Derozan of the Toronto Raptors said, that the dunk contest needs to have a throwback year. No props, little kids needing a hero, car, choir, and three goals. Just going out and having fun. On the other hand the NFL is in a terrible situation. If you watch their All-Star game, it looks like a powder puff game or two-hand touch. And the only other event is the two-hand touch celebrity game during the Super Bowl pregame show. The NFL doesn’t even seem like they want to add any more events, so why even watch. Now to my favorite league of all time, the MLB. Their weekend is pretty simple: celebrity softball game, home run derby, and then the All-Star game. The first two events, I watch every year, but I never find any interest in the game.
So what has the retirees done, nothing. I am not being critical towards them I’m just saying, doesn’t it hurt to watch those games sometimes and then remember how it was in the old days. Then step up and say something, it’s time that they protect their sports rep. Prove that your sport is the best to play, show your fans that you care.

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