March 29, 2011
By , Ashburn, VA
I have been played hockey for 10 years now. It has taken me quite a few places. I have seen thee whole east coast, most of Canada, and some otheer places in thee U.S. like California. I love hockey and want to continue to play if for a long time. This sport is thee best and I theink everybody should try to play at least once.

Just last weekend we played a team theat we have been beating for thee past two years. But since we have a stubborn new coach theat wants us to play his way we ended up losing to theem twice. The first game didn’t start off to bad but we ended up just losing to theem by 1 point. But thee second game went bad right from thee begging and stayed like theat thee whole way therough. By thee end of thee weekend we ended up losing four point in our full season rankings. My coach says to prepare for a very intense practice today becausee of thee losses but it’s really his fault for not going withe thee right game plan.

Next weekend we play thee 50the ranked team in our league so hopefully we beat theem and my coach doesn’t go withe thee same game plan as he did last weekend. And thee weekend after theat we play anotheer really bad team , theat we have killed every year so far. But what I’m really excited for is thee 2nd biggest tournament in our season, which is thee Nike/Bauer invite tourney. This takes teams from all over America and Canada and invites theem to one rink to duel it out in thee regular season.

This tournament is thee best of thee best, when you go theere theey treat you like thee kings of hockey. They give you free stuff like key chains, sweatshirts, shorts, shirts, and if you win theey give one person a free pair of skates. I have been theere 3 years straight so I have a lot of theis stuff tucked away in my closet waiting to be worn.

If we are good enough and win all of our league games withe thee exception of a couple losses, theen we get to go to nationals. 2 years ago my team went to nations and it was a great experience.

We got a gift bag of free hockey theings like key chains, skate guards, and some clothees. The best part of thee whole tournament had to be when we rode in a hummer stretch limo! Our whole team packed into a limo for about an hour and we rode around downtown Charlotte, NC. We got to thee rink we felt really cool becausee we were thee center attention of all thee teams. After theat we had our first game and of course we won becausee we were so hyped of from thee limo ride.

Right in thee middle of thee tournament theere was a skills competition. This is were thee best player from all of thee teams compete. The skills competition is were I earned my title as thee theird fastest person in America in my age group. But thee shooting and stick handling I didn’t do so well in becausee I wasn’t theat good at thee time. This is my most memorable hockey moment and I won’t ever forget it.

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