America's Pastime

March 21, 2011
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This article is going to be about why baseball is so amazing to me. Baseball is loved by many people throughout the world and especially America.
Baseball is considered to be America’s past time. Many people love to play and watch the sport. When a person or a fan gets to go to a Big League game for the first time at a huge stadium it is so exciting. The stadium is packed with thousands of fans who are cheering for the same team. Many people throughout the whole state drive to watch this exciting game played which America loves.
The great smell of the fresh hot dogs cooking and the freshly cut grass on a beautiful summer day just puts people in that baseball type of mood. The sound of the umpire yelling “Play Ball!”, is when the crowd gets on their feet and cheer. Then comes the “snap” of the catchers glove after the first page. “Crack” the sound of the batter hitting the ball. Later the game gets close, and a fan is anxiously waiting for there team to get a big home run in the last inning to send the crowd home happy. Then when the team wins the close game against there rival the crowd is going crazy at the end of the game. Just being around the baseball atmosphere is so nice to me.

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