Moonlight Victory

March 11, 2011
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The smell of the fresh cut green grass the grey wind whistling through the rough ragged helmets. The sun shining bright as ever with the yellow glassing glare coming off the rays. September 1 1998 Walter Berry High School Game Day!

A big strong figure in the back his dark blue eyes filled with focus. He has short black braided hair with the big broad shoulder pads up on his shoulders. He digs his red and gold Nike cleats into the grass. He’s about 6 foot tall and hungry to win a championship. Will weathers one of the top running backs in the league and he’s always ready to win.

Coach Hart about 6 foot 5 he has light brown eyes with dark black hair. Coach Hart is a 2 time football championship winner working with high school kids. He is determined to win and very close to having another championship under his belt.

As the sun grew dim of sunlight as the hours passed through the day the game was getting close to be over. Sooner or later the moonlight was shinning down brighter than ever and as they turned on the lights you could feel the energy change in the fans bodies. It was the fourth quarter and there was enough time left for one more play. All eyes were on Willy the play was a quick pitch to Willy. As the snap was set the play was running and Willy had the ball before you could even blink, he was running until he saw his best friend In front of him Darren Williams. Darren led the way for Willy to run to the touchdown. GAME OVER! The crowd went wild screaming Willy’s name and the whole football team jumped on Willy.

Tears filled the eyes of Coach Hart as he hugged Willy and he gave him the game ball as he told him when the moonlight comes out expects victory.

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