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The Top Five Things That the Mets Need To Do

March 3, 2011
By Nyjmets524 SILVER, Roslyn Heights, New York
Nyjmets524 SILVER, Roslyn Heights, New York
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Flushing, New York- The top five things that the Mets need to do this year in order to get back on track from the last few years of losing seasons are:
Get new management.
Replenish the farm system.
Get rid of players that are of value, but do not contribute an ample amount.
Prepare new players for 2012, when the playoffs are likely to expand.
Not worry about this season, 2011.
#1: Get New Management: The Mets have hired a new manager, Terry Collins, and a new general manager, Sandy Alderson. This was, of course, inevitable. After the ill-fated decisions of Omar Minaya and the soft managing of Jerry Manuel, it was bound to happen. Both Collins and Alderson are on the same page, which is redoing the plans of the Mets. This means they both want to change how the club is going to be run. Instead of using big names and super stars in every position, it is time for a change in what kind of players are actually playing. Terry Collins, who is more forceful and dynamic than Manuel, understands the position he is in. "We can only worry about the stuff that we can control, and that's our performance on the field. We're going to make sure that is brought across the first [official] day down here,” stated Collins in an interview with However, the task put upon him is big. He needs to bring hope to a team that, since 2006 when they reached the National League Championship game, hasn’t had any at all.
#2 Replenish the Farm System: The past few years, the Mets have invested a great volume of money in making contracts with “big”, well-known players. However, at most, these players have had one or two good seasons. While Johan Santana was great while he was in his prime, no one can deny that he is losing his touch. Carlos Beltran was a great asset to the team, or at least he was a few years ago. And who could possibly forget about Oliver Perez, a hopeful young pitcher, who may not be hopeful for much longer.
It is time to restock the whole franchise with young, new players that have a chance. Ike Davis, who will be entering his sophomore season, is likely to be a new face of the franchise, which has looked for a replacement of Carlos Delgado. Jenrry Mejia, who has not contributed a full season yet, is also likely to be a strong starter for the Mets. These kids, who would not have necessarily played a couple of years ago when the Mets had players like Tom Glavine, now are thrust into the spotlight as they seem to be Mets fans’ only hope.
#3: Get rid of players that are of value, but do not contribute an ample amount: Oliver Perez, who had an ERA of 6.8 in the 2010 season, is a prime example of a player who is weighing the team down. The $36 million in his contract is overkill, and would be put to much better use in new prospects. The same could be said for Luis Castillo, who is injury prone, and does not contribute a great amount to the team. The Mets are one of the most highly paid teams in the MLB, and the new management would very much like to change that. The fact of the matter is, the Mets would be light-years ahead of where they are now if Minaya did not set up binding and expensive contracts.
#4: Prepare new players for 2012, when the playoffs are likely to expand: One thing that the Mets can look forward to is 2012. This is when, supposedly, the playoffs will expand, adding an extra wild card spot to each league. Bud Selig, the commissioner of baseball, in an interview with The New York Times, said, “I find it fascinating now that they want to add two more teams. All I’ll say is that it’s under strong consideration.” This spot would put the Mets in a good position to be a contender in the 2012 season for the playoffs, as the Mets would have a newly developed team with strong, new players. Not only would this affect the Mets in 2012, but from then on afterwards. By having this one extra spot, not only will players be motivated, but fans would be as well.
#5: Do not worry about this season, 2011: Ticket prices have dropped, many fans are not renewing season tickets, and this is just the start of what is sure to be a lack-luster season for the Mets. Not many people have faith in the Mets, especially after everything they have been in the news for the past couple of months. Yet, it doesn’t matter. The main goal of the Mets for this season is to rebuild their farm system. If that is all the Mets accomplish, and end in 5th place in the National League East, it is still a key victory. Nobody expects the Mets to make the playoffs. And frankly, they might not make them in 2012, either. The major thing is that the Mets plan for the coming years, and that they do not worry about the next few years.

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