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February 22, 2011
By ikemike BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
ikemike BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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I feel that with the labor ruling in the NFL, and the possible lock-out coming to the NBA, American sports has lost its interest in people around the world. With the recent "Big 3" in Miami, or this publicity of Carmelo going to New York, is basically saying the owners, who are the ones that pay these players, have no say in the matter anymore. Carmelo wanted New York, no where else, and he got what he wanted. LeBron bolting out of Cleveland to take his talents to South Beach, and Chris just along for the ride. Now the talks turn to CP3 (Chris Paul). Chris Paul wanted out of New Orleans in the summer of '09, but they refused to trade him. Now he wants to go to New York to play with Carmelo and A'mare. Jerry Sloan stepped down from Utah because he knew he wasn't helping the team out very much. Him and Deron Williams were always butting heads, and his contract was over after this season. Now will Deron Williams go to play? New York? New Jersey? Your guess is as good as David Stern's (Commissioner of Basketball). The NBA needs to step in, and step in fast, or there might not be a 2011-12 season, like what the NFL is fighting with the Players Association.

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