Lebron's Return to Cleveland

February 16, 2011
By d-rock BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
d-rock BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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The return of the King was everything this world expected. Fans cheering things such as; “Akron hates you!”, calling him Queen James, and also wearing shirts that read “Lyin King”, “Traitor”, and “Quitless”, mocking his Nike ads and nicknames. Every time he touched the ball the crowd booed him as loud as possible. So loud that the Cleveland players could not hear what each other were saying while playing defense. When Lebron James took his first shot it was a fade away jumper a minute into the game that was nothing but net, this showed Cleveland right away, what this game was going to be like.

Lebron James responded to the criticism and boos better than anyone I think this world has ever seen. He had arguably one of the best games of his career. All the hype and all the angry fans seemed to just get him more and more pumped. In the first half he got off to kind of a slow start only scoring 14 points, but once that second half started it was all over.

No need for James to even get a second of playing time in the fourth quarter. Starting off the third quarter the Heat were already up by twenty points. Then the boos started again and Lebron just went into overdrive scoring 24 points in the third quarter alone, tying the record he already held for most points in a single quarter at Quicken Loans Arena, plus matching the Heat single quarter points record previously set by his teammate Dwayne Wade. This included a fade away shot from what used to be his favorite corner, right in front of the Cleveland bench. As he hit the shot right in the face of two Cleveland defenders, he turned around to the Cleveland bench and fans and yelled like he’s never yelled before. Lebron had just stuck a dagger right into the Cleveland players and fans hearts. The game was well over with.

Before the game, there was huge controversy over Lebron and the rest of the Heat’s safety. So much to the point where the security, who looked like presidential secret service, would not let Lebron James shake his old teammate’s hands. The second the game ended James got up and hugged Jawad Williams and whispered something in his ear. Once he let go, security immediately grabbed James and took him off the court. This game had a playoff atmosphere and Lebron stepped up and did exactly what was needed to be done, get a win.

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