A Boy That Had A Wish

January 20, 2011
By Brooke Staskowski BRONZE, Blue Point, New York
Brooke Staskowski BRONZE, Blue Point, New York
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Once their was this boy who all he wanted was to have one wish. He was kind, smart and sensitive person who got along with everyone and made all the right choices. He never got in trouble or did anything bad. He always dreamed to be a big time football player and her thought that if he got one wish that all he had to do is wish for that and his whole life would be set. However that's not how life really works. When he got high school he started to realize that it was harder then he thought because he thought things were just handed to you of you were good. Then one day his coach told him that you could get what you want if you just work hard and try. If you really love something then you would put all the time in to accomplish your goal and you could also be very successful in it. The boy kinda looked at his coach and wanted to take him up on that challenge. He wanted to prove to people that he was different and that he was good at what he did. it just so happen that same day the boy finally received his wish after that hoping and praying. But the boy just looked at the wish and started to think back on what his coach said. He wanted to use the wish but instead he gave it to a friend of his because he wanted to prove to his coach that he was better then using some wish. The kid who he gave the wish used it and did get his wish to go to the NFL but he didn't have the talent and the love for it because he just got it handed to him he didn't work as hard. The boy who did use the wish played in college and then the NFL he was successful because he had the passion for it and was willing to do whatever it took to be their. So in the end it turned out not a boy with a wish but a boy wish no help at all just his life.

The author's comments:
i love to write about made up people and about sports.

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