Snowmobile Crash

January 20, 2011
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Last year, when I was young and dumb, I loved to ride snowmobile. I had an arctic cat mountain cat EXT 580 it was a it had a long 121”long track and it was a powerful sled. It only had two cylinders but she just flew. My lesson is just because you have a bigger engine on your snowmobile does not mean you need to give her everything she has, because bad stuff can happen in a split second.

So, I was out at my grandpas and Brady called me and asked me if I wanted to go snowmobiling, and I said sure why not. So I met him by the road by his house and we took over to my grandpas because there is allot of drifts over to jump with your snowmobile and there’s also the dam but we decided to go to apple road first. So were just screwing around hitting the drifts that were on the road and I went and turned around at the end of the road once I turned around I hit this drift the wrong way and my snowmobile landed on its side in the snow so we had to un burry it from the snow. Well after we FINALLY got it dug out we just carving back in fourth in the fields. We did that for awhile and Brady and I just stopped and we just talked a little bit to let the sleds cool down and we were talking about where we wanted to go next and he said right over there by that river ravine and I said alright.

So we put our helmets started the sleds up and we took off. Once we get over there we are just launching off of these drifts there were probably 4ft tall and we were just smoking them. After awhile if you keep jumping in the same area for awhile eventually the snow will start to settle and pack down so we started jumping a bit further down. Then Brady called me over and said I half to be home in 30 minutes I said ok well let’s just jump this one more time then well go, and he said alright sounds good, so he went and he landed it perfectly. Well then it was my turn and I decided I wanted to get some air so I turned around went back a little bit farther and I just pinned her and when I hit the jump there was a fence post that was underneath there and I hit the drift probably going 65 and I hit it with so much force that the fence post smashed my entire belly pan to shreds and it broke through the belly pan and it bent my tyrod into a U and it destroyed all of my wiring hooks up. It happened so quick I didn’t know what happened and I also hit the drift so hard that once I hit it my head bust right through the windshield.

In conclusion of my story, you need to always check where you are jumping. Because of stuff underneath the snow, bad stuff like this happens. And also, don’t try to max your snowmobile speed out, be safe, and have fun.

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