Snowmobile Accident

January 20, 2011
By 03Red BRONZE, Elmwood, Wisconsin
03Red BRONZE, Elmwood, Wisconsin
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Snowmobiles can be very fun, but yet they can also be very dangerous. This year is the first year I have ever crashed my snowmobile real bad. I now realized that going fast is not always the best way to ride.
It was a few days before Christmas break was over. Brett, Tommy, Logan, Eli, Brady, and I were going to snowmobile to Eau Galle to get a bite to eat. I was riding my ZR 500. The ride there was perfect. When we got there we had a burger, played some pool, and hung out for a while. Finally we left. Everything was going good on the way back. Brady and Logan were in front, Tommy was ahead of me, then it was Brett behind me, then Eli was in the back. We were going about 65 mph when Tommy slowed way down. Before I could react I hit a huge dip in the trail and everything went downhill from there. When I hit the dip, the front of my snowmobile went straight up in the air, and kept going backwards. I fell off the back of the snowmobile and my helmet flew off. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I’m pretty sure that my snowmobile did a couple flips after I fell off. I laid there in the middle of the trail in shock. Tommy, Eli, and Brett stopped and helped me. When I saw my sled, it looked awful. The hood was in pieces, the handle bars were bent terribly, and the air box was pushed almost into the engine. I knew that I was not going to be able to ride for a long time. Brett found my ignition lying in the middle of the trail. We picked up a bunch of pieces of the hood that were on the trail. Some people that rode by stopped and helped out too. Eli had some rope and we tied it to my sled and Tommy hauled it to the road, that wasn’t too far away. We called my mom and told her what happened. Then my step-dad, Scott, came with a trailer, and we took it home. Luckily for me Scott was going to buy a new snowmobile, so that meant I would get his old one. My brother Darek was going to get my ZR 500 but I kind of messed that up for him. So he still rides a Z 440. I went for my first ride since the accident a few days ago and it felt great to be back riding again.
Going fast may be fun but in the long run it can come back and bite you in the hind end. Crashing my snowmobile was the worst thing I have ever done. In conclusion, I now realize that going fast isn’t always the best way to ride.

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