Michael Vick

January 20, 2011
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Michael Vick. When you hear that person’s name you automatically think dog killer. Yes he did kill dogs and he went to jail for it. Michael Vick is a football player. He played before he went to jail for fighting dogs and now he is back playing football. He did the time for the crime. Vick needed a second chance and got it. He has gained some of his fans back. He wants to get more active outside of football and with animals. I don’t know what happened but in his second year back he is having a MVP year. Vick will most likely win this year’s most improved player.
Vick is a talented athlete. He can run and throw the ball. A lot of teams didn’t want to give him a second chance. But sure enough he landed a two year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. His first year wasn’t a great year for him. But his second year was a huge success. If Tom Brady was not playing the way he is playing right now Vick for sure would get MVP honors.

Most people don’t like Vick because of what he did with dogs. But everyone deserves a second chance. Everybody messes up; it is a part of life. Second chances should be given out more often.

According to multiple reports Michael Vick is in the MVP hunt. If you ask anyone about Michael Vick there answer will most likely be “He is a felon.” But if you ask them “You would not want him as your quarterback?” “Well if Brady wasn’t there then yes I would take him.” Those are some quotes my family has said about Vick. Michael Vick is changing his ways. He is trying to be a positive person. Every person deserves a second chance, so give Michael one.
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