December 23, 2010
The heat was unbearable. My head throbbed, I bruised my ribs, my right knee screamed in pain after taking a direct blow, the sweat in my eyes no longer bother me. Yet I had to stay in because I could withstand the pain, there was no other fullback to take my place.

The game was almost over. It had been a long one. Last night was the homecoming dance and most of the football players were there last night, making every one super tired and all of us just wanted to go to bed. Well there were a couple of people that wanted that game such as, Lars, Jake, Patrick and me wanted it. Sadly that was not enough to win the game.

A few players later they called a Rip right 33 cross block. I was uneasy about running to that side. In the nicest way the one lineman on that side just dose not excite me.
Jake the quarterback said “DOWN, SET GO!” I jumped off toward the hole confident that he would get me the ball. I got the ball and started running. A huge lineman form the other team hit me, but I kept pushing forward. Just then a linebacker nailed me in the gut and drove me into the ground. My head hit the ground, and bounced a couple times. I got up slowly and walked towards the sideline, just to get pushed back out on the field.
The next rip right 33 cross block I was running and got grabbed on my right foot. All the sudden there was a crack from and I felt a lightning bolt of pain in my left foot. I hobbled of to the side; I was not going to be pushed out this time. Billy the injured center helped me to Val the trainer’s table.
Tears flowed from my eyes as I tried to hold them back but it was the most pain I have ever felt. I took off my cleat tensed up form the pain. Val jogged over and looked at it. She tapped it up and told me “If you can run than you can play, if you can’t I have to sit you.” I slowly put my cleat on praying “God my team needs me let me be better even if it’ just for this game.” God did not let that happen as I screamed as I tried to jog, it was not going to happen.
It was the worst realization knowing I could do nothing to help my team win. That was it our first loss with a tailback where a full back should have been.

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