The Team Chapter 1

December 15, 2010
Sweating with tension I made my way to the list.There was people who was happy.Others mad at they self.I saw my name and I was starter for my basketball team.I was shooting guard for my team.I can see Josh name up there.He made as center.In my first practice however I hurted my toe.I couldn't practice until the day before the game.The coach put me a starter for the first game so eyes was looking at me everywhere.On the tip I took the ball and ran up.The quickley double team me but I passed it out to Juan.He got the ball and hitted a three pointer.We kept going like that for 12 more minutes until the qauter ended.We were killing them 35-14 and I made 6 assits. We took a break the starters and watch while the other team starters some who had 3 fouls struggled against our 2nd team.We were leading 73-29 at halftime.We ended up winning 143-61.Our next game was the Ravens and it was close but we pulled away winning 105-89.But the next game we had trouble against the team we beat by 82 points because Josh,Perry,Billy and John got injured and we just won by Mark 3 pointer 108-105.Bad news contuiend Perry broke his ankle and is out for the next 4 weeks.And we faced league leading Hawks next game.The coach wanted our team called the Thugs to play hard without Perry.As the tip came I took the ball and past it out to Juan.He then took the ball and dribbled up the court fast He left everybody including our teammates down the court and lay it in .We played with speed and a little toguhness and I kept on hitting the baskets.We were leading 60-41 and hold Fassace to 9 points.They started playing full court press but we kept getting the ball and wasted time but we kept getting with nothing they bought it to a 1 point lead with 59 seconds left in the game.We ran out the clock and shot a 2 pointer and made it.They turned the ball over but Josh missed a three pointer they hit a 3 pointer with Fassace made his 32nd point in the half hited a 3 pointer.We ran out some clock and I hit a three pointer.They setted up for Fassace but he missed the 3 pointer.We won we won 100-97.To be in chapter 2 The Team.

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