The Last at Bat

December 15, 2010
By therezzyman BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
therezzyman BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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I woke up. It was 7:30. I stumbled down the stairs and plopped myself down on the couch. I pressed the on button of the remote control and turned the channel to 36. I watched sports center. I got up walked in the kitchen and poured myself a glass of milk. I opened my cabinet then pulled out my Captain Crunch cereal and poured myself a bowl then went back in the living room and ate it. I proceeded to watch sports highlights. Kendry Morale hit a home run walk off. I thought it was pretty cool because he was my baseball hero. To me he was better than babe Ruth even though that isn’t true. I wish it was true. Then around 9:30ish I got up and walked to my room shut my door and looked at my clock. Across the room was my baseball calendar. I peered at it to see who I was playing in my next baseball game. I got dressed and headed out to get some pre game warm-up with my dad after I woke him up. We threw for a little bit and he drove me to the field.

We got there an hour early so we threw around a little bit more. My coach showed up and I warmed up with his son. My mom pulled up in her big SUV and parked close enough that I could see her taking my little brother out of his seat. He was so cute with his little hairs. She put him in his stroller and they walked up the hills to the field and sat down. After that my coach said, “ Reznicek , 1st base.” I jogged to first base and warmed up. I jogged into the dugout after warm ups.

The start of the game I was batting 5th. I was up to bat and walked in 4 pitches. Then I advanced to 2nd on another walk. We scored another run the score was 2-0 us. They came up to bat. I was playing second base. Their first batter hit a single because the shortstop made an error. I didn’t care because we had are ace pitcher on the mound which meant we probably will win. Our defense wasn’t good. We were having an off game. The defense was killing us we had errors on every play. Literally I was glad that the inning ended the score was 2-5 them. It was a disgrace to our team. We came up to bat and scored a run which made the score 3-5 them, still in the 3rd inning. We had to shut them down. We did. The team had a great inning a 1-2-3 inning to be precise. Suddenly, we scored another run. The score was 4-5. The game continued with no other runs coming in. Finally, I was up to bat in the 6th inning which was the last at bat in our league. I was scared. I wanted to say I was injured but, I knew that I could do it. I took a step back took a couple of practice swings then stepped into that box and got ready to swing.

When I was in that box I felt my feet plant into the ground. I bent my knees I took my bat off my shoulder and I got ready to swing but I paused. The pitch was a little bit outside. I took the pitch and it was a ball, the ump shouted “BALL ONE!” Then BALL TWO!! After that he threw a strike and I fouled it off. The count was 2-1. The pitcher threw a fast ball right down the middle of the plate and I didn’t swing. I just froze up, and the ump shouted STRIKE TWO!! The count was 2-2 and I knew I needed to protect the plate. I had to make contact even if it was a little bit outside. The count was 2-2 with two outs with the bases loaded. I watched the third one sail over my head to the Atlantic Ocean. The count was 3-2. I was ready to swing. Suddenly, a meat ball pitch and I swung. I heard a clink on my metal bat. I hit a hot line drive down the right field line. I froze and snapped back into reality and heard my coach say, “ RUN COLE!! RUN COLE!!” I ran like a mouse running for a piece of cheese. I ran past first and I could see that the outfielder couldn’t make the throw and I darted for second. Two runs scored and we won the game. Just to be cocky, I ran around the rest of the bases and my team was waiting for me. They mobbed me at the home plate and I was the happiest kid in the world at that point.

After the game my dad was so happy he cried. He never cries which almost made me cry. I was too happy to cry. I just ran up to my mom and said mom! Mom! “Can I use your phone?” I called my cousin, grandma and grandpa. I almost called everybody? I drove home with my dad and he asked, “what do you want for dinner?” ” I want pizza please”. This was just the icing on the cake. We went to our favorite pizza place, and got pizza. We headed home after the game and I went up stairs and showered. I got dressed and tripped down the stairs, got up and sat on the couch and watched some college football TCU was playing air force at air force.

I never believed in my lifetime that I would be able to be the hero of a baseball game. A sport I cherish so much. My friends and family have looked at me definitely now.

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