wildcat victory

December 9, 2010
the receiver’s hand which in turn gives his team a first down.

The offense were happy, but they did not look back to see that their best receiver number 53 was down on the field holding his ankle tight. The teams realization hit and their worry struck because without their number one receiver, in play they it was going to be very hard to win the game. It was fourth quarter with only a minute left, without Luis their passing was minimized. They would have to start running the ball to gain any yards. Luis managed to hop off the field so the offense could do their magic and win the championship!
“Hike,” the ball gets sent to the quarterback; the quarterback does a quick fake pass then hands it to the running back. The runner has a open field because the fake passed worked, the whole defense runs to one side as the runner dodged to the other side giving the runner a clear open field with only one player to stand in his way.
“Boom,” the running back flies out of bounds, but successfully making it to the 3 yard line in time! The quarterback was very happy with the play, but looking back at the score board the quarterback nerves start to worry him.

“ I believe we can make ii if everyone blocks, we cannot mess up ,if we do the game will be over, we only have one second left, we can make it, let’s do it for number 53”the Coach says with spirit.
“Hike,” the ball gets send straight to the runner’s arms, and runs it to the end zone. Everyone was happy for the win, and everyone believed in their school football team! They with pride and honor the Meigs Middle School wildcats win the championship.

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Dec. 17, 2010 at 12:27 pm

What is the point of it being anonymous if you are going to put your name on in the story.


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