Top 5 Heisman Candidates of 2010

December 6, 2010
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The top five players in the Heisman race are, in first place, Cam Newton from Auburn, in second place Kellen Moore from Boise State, in third place LaMichael James from Oregon, in fourth place Andrew Luck from Stanford, and in fifth Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State. Out of the five, three of them are quarterbacks. To win the Heisman trophy depends on what you do on the football field.
Cam Newton is an outstanding player on the field, the only obstacle that will get in his way of winning the Heisman trophy is if he is eligible. Over the last couple of weeks, Cam has been under investigation because a Mississippi State worker had told someone that Cam’s father told him that the only way his son would go to Mississippi State is if money was involved. Now the NCAA is trying to figure it out if Cam still eligible and a hopeful for the Heisman award.
In second is another quarterback from Boise State, Kellen Moore. Kellen is another outstanding player, Kellen also is leading his team to a perfect season record. He averages twenty- four touchdowns, and 2588 passing yards so far this year. His best game was against Hawaii where he threw for 507 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions, in the 42-7 win over Hawaii. His rating this year is 191.15 which where the sports analysis projected what he would be rated at this year.
In third is an outstanding running back from the University of Oregon. The Ducks running back averages 6.3 yards a carry, but in the whole season, he has 1422 yards. LaMichael has seventeen rushing touchdowns, and one receiving touchdown for the year. He also has recorded 149 receiving yards, and an average of 14.9. His best game was against Stanford where he rushed for 257 yards, and three touchdowns, he did not record any receiving yards or touchdowns in that game. He had twenty- nine carries for a season-low ninety-one yards in Saturday’s win over Cal. This will hurt his chances of winning the Heisman trophy if he keeps playing like this.
In fourth place is one of the most outstanding quarterbacks I have seen this year. Not only is he a good passer, but he’s not afraid of running over someone. He has averaged 2511 passing yards this year, and threw for twenty- two touchdowns, and seven interceptions. He is an outstanding player for his team, he has help them get where they are at number six in the country. His best game was against Oregon where he threw for 341 yards, and two touchdowns, it would have been a better game for him, and his team if they could have won.
In fifth place is Justin Blackmon one of the best wide receivers in college football. His average in receiving is seventeen, and in rushing it is 19.3. For the year he has 1430 yards receiving, and 77 rushing yards. With sixteen receiving touchdowns, and one rushing touchdown. His best game was against Texas Tech where he had 207 receiving yards, and one touchdown. He had also caught ten passes the game against Texas Tech which they won thirty- four to seventeen.
With all there stats, and averages I think Cam Newton will win because he is just an amazing athlete.

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