why teachers undervauule sports

December 2, 2010
By Anonymous

The reason why teachers undervalue sports mainly because they can affect that students grades in the classroom and cause confusion to that students knowledge to the lesson the teacher is teaching . Teachers undervalue sports because they might think that it can cause an affect on expensive classroom materials such as, books and high tech laptops. Athletes would prefer a brand new football stadium or maybe new football gear rather than new science lab, etc. Why should athletes have to suffer just because teachers want their students to study rather go to a late night sporting event? In a way I think that most teachers weren’t really athletes when they were younger so it is hard for them to understand that sports is a big deal in some students lives and that they are not aware of some students concerns. Some teachers say that sports are over rated and should not be in children’s lives because of the mental and physical stress that it puts on them. Teachers may not be aware of how important physical education really is and how it can affect a child’s life. However coaches are very concern in school work in athletes because they are very aware of the term “no pass no play”, policy.

Physical Education is very important in young student’s lives and can cause a serious health problem if a child is not exposed to running and proper discipline that coaches can provide. Teachers provide knowledge, and without proper physical education a student can suffer huge health problems later in life and can be seriously injured. If teachers are more aware of sports in a child’s life it would be greater for them later in life, mentally and physical.

The author's comments:
Im a huge athlets and sports our my life and the reason why i wrothe this paper was because im sick of tired of teachers not being aware of sports.

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