Greatest Player Ever

November 15, 2010
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I should be the greatest basketball player in the world. I should be better than LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan. I will be better than them because I practice everyday, I love the game, and I will die for the game. This is why I should be the greatest player alive.
I practice this game every single day. I either go home or to a gym, and I practice, practice, and practice. I practice until I think about practicing more and more. I this game will never get off of my mind. I will think about practicing everyday. That is why I practice. This is why I love the game.
I love basketball. This awetastic game is my life. I will never give this game up. This game has me whipped, and I will be whipped my whole life. Like Michael Jordan, I just have a passion for this game. I want to be the game.
The game basketball is so magnificent; I would die for the game. I love this game so much, I would play it until my legs fall off. I will think about it until my brain bursts like some gushers fruit snack.
These are the reasons why I should be the greatest basketball player alive. Anyone for The National Basketball Association would not be able to stop me. I will crush them, and make them bow down to me! This is why I should be the greatest player ever, because I have this passion for the game.

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