College Football BCS System

November 17, 2010
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Every year in college football there is a national championship game between the number one and number two teams in the nation. They analyze teams in the FBS Division each week, and rank them in the top twenty-five polls. I feel the BCS is ridiculous, and needs to make a change. Clearly, the SEC is the best conference because they have won the most BCS titles, and have won the last four. However, there are too many teams that are screwed out of a chance to play for the BCS Title.
The six major conferences, the SEC, Big 12, Big 10, Pac-10, ACC, and the Big East, all have automatic BCS bids. This means the winner of each conference gets an automatic bid into one of the four BCS bowl games. The Big East does not deserve an automatic bid because there are teams in non-automatic qualifier conferences that are better than the whole Big East Conference. Every week, the leader in that conference loses, and the overall record gets worst. I am guessing because the leader cannot handle the pressure of being first in a BCS conference.
The BCS applies to the FBS, the Football Bowl Subdivision. Teams like Utah, TCU, and Boise State are non-automatic qualifier teams, which means they are in lower FBS conferences. I feel this is a disgrace how teams like those three listed prove themselves each and every year, and continue to get no respect. Take the Boise State Broncos for example. They are in the Western Athletic Conference but have finished the season undefeated three out of the last five years. They may continue to finish strong with perfect records, but they continue to get screwed out of a national championship, and have to play in the Orange or Fiesta Bowl. They are on the verge of going undefeated again this year but most likely, TCU will get more respect than Boise State.

This is how the BCS should settle who becomes the national champion. There should be an eight or twelve team playoff. More than two teams go undefeated in the BCS, so their playoff system should be similar to the NFL’s. Have the teams battle it out, and see who is the top dog in college football. A BCS playoff system would be way easier than choosing who is the number one and two teams in the nation.

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74Kjj said...
Nov. 30, 2010 at 11:31 am
KJ i have to give you a hand clap you really love your football and in very proud to be friends with you........l0l and if you didn't know I'm writing this comment and your sitting right next to me...CLAPPING CLAPPING CLAPPING!!!!
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