Ice Hockey

November 15, 2010
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“Go!” screamed the coach and the two kids were off.
Two hours before hockey practice.
It was a Saturday night. I was on my way to ice hockey. He dropped me off at the hockey rink because he had to go back home. When I got in the hockey rink I went to the locker room and got changed right away. I got a drink of Gatorade before getting out of the locker room. When I got on the ice I slipped right away. I realized that I still had I skate protector on my skate. So when I got off the ice, which took me five minutes, and went back to the locker room to take off the skate protector I was hoping that was the reason why I slipped.
When I got out of the locker room and on the ice I was better than I remember. The coaches let us skate around a little to let us get use to the ice.
After five minutes we started doing some Russian circles. The coach said I was the best one. They split us in our two teams. Our team did some two on five drills. When we were done the two on five drills we went on the blue line, and made two lines. The coach put pucks in between the two lines, and he shot the puck in the corner. It was a one on one drill, a fight for the puck.
“GO!” screamed the coach and the two kids were off.
It was my turn next. Everything started to get slow.
“GO!” screamed the coach.
The tips of my skates were scraping up the ice. The other kid was in front of me by a little bit. Everything was going in slow motion. I finally caught up, and got close enough to check him. He probably knew I was going to check him so he slowed down enough so that I couldn’t hit him. We were almost to the puck. I felt something hit against my skate. I looked down, and I notice it was my teammate’s stick. I saw it pull back on my skate, and next thing I realized my feet were in the air, and my head was on the ice. When my feet hit the ice it felt like my feet shattered into pieces. I was going fast enough that I smashed my feet into the boards, and the tip of my skates got stuck in the boards. When I was trying to get up to tell my coach my ankle hurt, my foot bent ways I know it wasn’t suppose to bended.

When my coach got my skate out of the board and got me in the locker room I was in the most pain possible. He pulled off my skate and it was bloody, and very swollen. He wanted me to try to move it side to side but it already hurt enough that it even hurts when I don’t move it. We took off all of my equipment, and put it in my bag. He told me to call my dad, and tell him to come right away. My coach was thinking if he should call an ambulance or just ice it and give it heat, and so on. When my dad came my coach told him it’s is pretty bad. He said that he would let me choose what I wanted to do. I said that we should just ice it and go home. So he drove me home, and we iced my ankle.

On Sunday I couldn’t go to hockey practice. On Monday I stayed home and my mom and I went to the doctors and the Blair mill x-ray and hospital building. After the x-ray’s we went to CVS to get crutches. Once we got the crutches my mom dropped me off at home and she went to work.

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