I can be free

October 19, 2010
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I’m free. Footsteps pounding the path laying beneath me. I’m free of all melancholy situations slyly lurking in my past. My strong, powerful body quells morbid thoughts attempting to harass my perseverance. As I continue on the trail, I render to the fresh air propelling me forward. Breathing. My thoughts waning, drifting off with the wind, all I can do is breathe. Slowly, and swiftly, surrendering placidly into a state of meditation. Cleaving to the liberty of sweat and satisfaction, an aberration to other’s notions of physical exertion. I love it. I’ve fallen in love with being free of intentions and expectations. Doubt is like a pestilence I am unaffected by, asinine commands and restrictions lay lazily on the ground as my feet run above them. I am not a ramshackle, beat up girl who cannot move. I am the wind, magically running through the world. I’m free.

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