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October 27, 2010
By Jatt_Boss BRONZE, Kent, Washington
Jatt_Boss BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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Have you ever wanted to know the life of the greatest basketball player? And how he got to the top? Many people think it is easy to become the best at something that your good at. But the thing lots of people don’t realize is that they have to better than everyone in the world, that is about over 6.5 billion people. Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player to join the NBA, while winning and achieving many awards along the way.

The love of the game has started at a pretty young age. He started to play before or when he was in middle school. This shows that he wanted to play basketball because he wasn’t good enough for the schools team. He was cut off the team for not being that good at playing. When he was younger he would play with his father and his older brother. Him and his father really enjoyed played baseball and basketball. He had always wanted to become the best at what he liked to play. He had a huge heart to play basketball.

He made his way to the top with some challenges. When he was younger he would play as much as he could, but people told him that he wasn’t skilled enough to handle it. Even in middle school his coach cut him off the team because he didn’t believe that Michael was good enough to play with the team. He had many choices to make as he grew older, like going to collage and following his education, or he could have went to play sports. But even playing sports he would have had to choose basketball for baseball. If he didn’t have all of these choices he wouldn’t have had to do all three.

He was a great role model and achieved many awards, most difficult to the average basketball player. Many kids and teens look up to him, they try to be like him and dress like hi with his apparel. He has many clothing stores and the most famous shoe company in the world. They are also the number one sold shoes that teens buy. He also won 6 championship rings and trophies. He had also won some dunk competition awards as well. He has sent many donations to charity for the Negro Collage Foundation.

Even the greatest basketball player has his ups and downs, with choosing many ways to pursue his life and all of his hard work; he chose the love of basketball. That love has inspired many people around the world to do what they love, and with hard work they can achieve it. Many fans just want to be like Mike.

The author's comments:
I reall ylove basketball, and this is my way of showing it.

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